Mega Model HuntThe historical perspective of fashion shows in India and modeling revels that the model’s glamour communicates symbolic meaning regarding class, race, social mobility, self control, gender proficiency, wealth, power, success etc. Model’s Public image symbolizes an ideal self and it demonstrates its possibility and desirability of its attainment. The models become icon of beauty and social perfection exemplifying success as a reward for conformity and dedication. When the models associate themselves with certain products, they become fetishes economic and social success.
The model who associate themselves with a product or theme they are going to promote almost become a predominant part of the theme, thus become subject of their own performativity. They are performers in that it is their professional duty to perform efficiently. They are also subject of their performativity in that they are themselves constituted by their disciplined reiteration of these standards. Models learn to exercise strict control over their bodies, expressions, appearance, public conduct, and self understanding in accordance to intended ideals/situation. Therefore they themselves become the subject of the theme/ product they are going to represent.Mega Model HuntIt calls for a lots of grit to get into the situation in its totally and identify oneself as central point of the situation, then only one is able to perform well and communicate its essence to the public. It spreads the feeling of acceptability and desirability and that it’s how the consumer gets attracted, thus, resulting into an effective promotion of a particular product/theme. If a model wants to be a successful and a longer career in modeling, then one has to master the act of becoming subject of his own performativity.
Mega Model Hunt offers you an opportunity to get associated and be groomed as essential aspect of modeling.