Mega Model Hunt

Mega Model Hunt, a national level platform for the modeling aspirants is reaching Punjab soon. The auditions are being scheduled at Jalandhar and Chandigarh in first and second week of September 2015 respectively. Gybhs Global (P) Ltd has promotional rights in Punjab.

The Mega Model Hunt is providing an opportunity to modeling aspirants to realize their potential in the world of modeling. It will put the aspirants in the process of auditions, thereafter taking the shortlisted candidate to the next level of auditions, groom and guide them for subsequent rounds of competition. In the process it will provide an organized training to the aspirants in a very systematic manner. It will facilitate the aspirants to know about the modeling as a career and its various fields. The participants then can choose a field of one’s interest and start focusing for the same.

The participation will be very useful for the modeling aspirant since it will enhance their portfolio, add some experience of photo shoot and understand one’s own suitability and potential. It will also act as milestone in one’s career for some it may be the first mile stone or beginning of the career, on the whole it is bringing a national level platform to the home town of many aspirants. Therefore one must avail the opportunity by registering for auditions at Jalandhar and Chandigarh respectively. For registration and more details visit;

Gybhs Global (P) Ltd.

3rd floor, above KFC, Rampaa Centre Point,

Model Town, Jalandhar.

Contact at 0181- 4604333,

Toll Free: – 1800-123-5800


mega model huntModeling is a serious Profession, basically founded on passion. Each Profession establishes a life style which has profound impact on individuals as well as on society. Every Life style has a span which is bench marked by a few distinct stages and each stage having its own ethics and ethos. A modeling aspirant must know the life style and stages through which one has to live through so that one is prepared at the outset and ready to accept challenges.

Like any Life style/Profession, there are stages of growth in modeling as well. These could be pre-modeling, the modeling and post modeling. Each stage has its own span, Peculiarities, Challenges, Commitments (to self, family and Society) and opportunities.

mega model hunt

mega model hunt

The Pre-modeling stage (Prospective model) is very difficult one. It is not very easy one to start the journey, become model and conclude. The path to success is interspersed many obstacles/bottlenecks like hard efforts, rejections, disappointments, family/social support and the hazards of life amplified many times by the presence of modeling crucible. This could also be called “go to” stage where one has to go to see photographs, Castings, Bookers, Agencies and art directors etc. This is how an aspirant become model, a model becomes professional and eventually a super model. The competition is very tough and one has to take it on squarely.

The next stage of modeling commences when the first job comes. A working model can expect a myriad of dilemmas, Challenges and pitfalls as one move into higher paying jobs which leads to move success. In modeling business, Success breeds success. When a good agency signs you, your life can change radically sometimes for better and at times for worse also. One has to be ready for change. The modeling industry is rife with the stories of models that lose it. The pressure to maintain a body look can be too much for some people. Some models turn to illegal drugs, especially cocaine and methamphetamine to relieve the pressure and maintain or lose weight. But all this is detrimental to health. The working life for model is very busy. Pre-shot preparation causes lots of stress and consume tremendous amount of time.

The beginning of post modeling life will vary with each individual. There are models that start at very young teen age and continued into their advanced years (into their sixties). There are a few starts, hit it big for a couple of years and then retire to a quiet life of family. Many end up marrying to celebrities, sports stars or wealthy men that they have met while enjoying the glamorous life style of successful modeling.

There are models that enjoyed successful careers and moved onto teaching modeling or even representing models and there are a few those move into acting and become stars and household names.

Like any other profession modeling also goes through various stages of its working span. Aspirants must be aware of these facts so that they are able to plan this life and move ahead accordingly. We at, Mega Model Hunt will train and empower the young aspirants to be a successful model and plan their future well. Therefore avail this opportunity to be associated with Mega Model Hunt to reap fruits of this national level platform which its committed to guide you into the profession of modeling with ethics and ethos.


mega model huntIt is very important for an aspirant model to know the land marks on the path to career as model. The first and foremost important matter is to know you goal i.e. you should know what type of modeling you want to undertake and the level at which you want to play in your life. If it is known, then it is much easier to get going in that direction.

        Professional modeling is a business and as a model one is one’s own business. It takes tremendous amount of time, effort, commitment and patience to become a successful model. Success does not come overnight. When one is ready to set on the modeling journey, one should make sure that enough has been read about modeling and you know what to expect take advantage of various resources available, online for new models, talk to friends in the industry, research as much as possible so that you are aware of the type of the career you about to take on. Meanwhile look for the list of model management companies in India. You have to choose a right modeling agency which matches the best, the kind of modeling you want to do. If these are located in near vicinity then it is advisable that one pays visit to the modeling agency in person. It is always better to get direct information. Let the agency educate you on what they look for, and what they expect from their models. Be alert to any potential scam or modeling schemes. Mega Model Hunt is one of the best modeling Hunt in India and endeavors to bring ethics to modelling.mega model hunt

     Present yourself as a perfect candidate; show confidence, have a good attitude and a friendly demeanor. Put across you original style, keep it clean and simple and always make a good first impression. As an aspiring model, one of your main tasks is to arrange a photo shoot with a reliable model photographer. While visiting an agency, fix a prior appointment, and carry at least two pictures, a head shot (natural and clear) and a full length shot revealing your figure to some extent should be sufficient. Clingy clothes, or a tight fit garments should be worn. Prepare a number of questions to be asked from the agency, especially what work their models are doing currently. They should not ask for money up front for classes or training. Be careful if the agency uses pressure tactics   to get the contract signed; always take time before you sign any contractual documents. Mega Model Hunt offers an ethical grooming and launching platform for the young models. It is not an easy to be among top male models in India and top female models in India.

            The following are a few important points to be kept in mind if you want to become top model:-

  • Be always on time, if due to any reason you are getting late, inform the concerned person accordingly.
  • Always go prepared in all respects.
  • Take your own make up.
  • Get references as many as you can i.e. other models / photographer who had done assignments with them.
  • Make sure you exactly know what the shoot consists of, and never feel pressurized to anything that you do not feel comfortable.
  • Keep it in mind that modelling is business, not a personal venture; you need to be prepared to negotiate with prospective employers regarding every aspect of it i.e. from finance to content up to finish.
  • Even if you did not sign the contract, keep the bridges intact, one never knows when you need someone in future.

The Mega Model Hunt will steer your course on your journey to Modelling profession, by educating, guiding and grooming. Mega Model Hunt offers a great opportunity to hold your hand and lead you to the correct destination in the modeling world.