mega model huntIn order to organize a fashion shows in India, you need a dedicated knowledgeable and experienced team. There is a requirement of identifying key areas of the show and suitably title the job and describe each job. It will ensure smooth running of the show. You may have the following key persons to organize a show.

PRODUCER: He sets out the scope of the show, Chalk out the activities and the events. Also gives out schedule of activities and brief all other members of the team. In case anyone has a doubt, He is the person who clears the issues.

BACKSTAGE MANAGER: This is an exciting but very stressful job. The backstage manager ensures that everything goes exactly to plan on the actual day of the show. He works very closely with the Show producer, the stylist and needs to have good relationship with all the models.mega model hunt

ENTERTAINMENT MANAGER: Normally any will have other forms of entertainment as well as catwalk. There may be many other performers; therefore there will be a requirement of an Entertainment Manager. He needs to inform and coordinate rehearsals etc. In case some guest speakers are likely to be present then, the entertainment manager needs to introduce, look after them, on the show day.

STYLIST/WARDROBE MANAGER: a person who is very much interested in fashion and designing is most suited for this job. He will be responsible for the content of the show; finds clothes, fits models and sort out the running order. It must be ensured that clothes are well protected and kept in a good condition.

HAIR AND MAKEUP ARTIST: It is again a very creative role. He needs to work closely with stylist to create fabulous image for the models.

CASTING MANAGER: The main duty of the casting manager is to ensure that all models know what they are doing, that they feel comfortable and attend rehearsals. The person must have good administrative and organizational skills.mega model hunt

MANAGER FOR GUEST LIST, PRIZES AND PROGRAMME: Depending upon the scope of the event, there would be requirement of organizing certain prizes. This person will help in organizing prizes, preparing guest list and other programmes related to the event. He has to work closely with promoter to compile and manage the guest list.

PROMOTIONAL MANAGER: He will be instrumental in selling tickets, advertises the event through various means. He takes assistance from all available means to promote the event.

The above term if selected properly and one able to get a right person for the right job, then organizing and conducting a show becomes smoother and better. It is very important to have a dedicated and experienced team.

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mega model hunt

In modeling it is very important to get associated with a good agency for proper guidance, grooming and launch. A good agency is likely to be reliable and reasonable. Here are a few tips for the young modeling aspirants for finding out a good agency or model management companies in India.

Detailed Home work: The modeling agencies are typical small independent business and no two agencies would be working alike. Therefore it is necessary that one must carry out internet search to locate and know about these. You can get handful of important information as to where these are located and how do they operate, especially for taking in new talents. One can always see agency directory. A detailed home work is must.

mega model hunt

Portfolio: After knowing about a suitable agency, one needs some good and appropriate photos. You can create a comp card with different looks. The snaps should be able to show the real worth of your looks. Keep in mind the following while taking snaps shots: –

  • Wear simple clothing and show off your form.
  • No makeup, your face should be clean. The hair should be plain and not styled. Ensure that your do not cover your face.
  • The pictures should be taken outside, stand in the open shade for best results.
  • Any agency would like to see a close head shot and full or ¾ shot so shoot your pictures accordingly.
  • Print your name and contact on the backside of every picture you select for the purpose.

Market Study: It is very essential for an aspirant to carry out the market study of the intended field of modeling. You should be able to know about the target market and must know how the business is done there. In this way you can protect yourself from various scams and rip offs.

mega model hunt

Agency’s Modus operandi: The main purpose of a modeling agency is to find work for models. These agencies at times take commission from models and some work on exclusive contract basis. However these vary from situation to situation, agency to agency and city to city. A good established agency or model grooming centers in India will help to manage your career and find you work. In large cities it can be split into two parts: – Managers and Bookers. When an agency sees someone who has potential, it may invest in that individual, groom and launch in the market.

The manager will help to develop your look, modeling skills and natural talent. They will guide and help you on selecting the appropriate field and market since they have the knowledge of market and correctly evaluate your potential. The booking part deals with the prospect clients who use models. They track the client, advertise, carry out calls, do launches and develop business for the agency. They book time for models to work. They handle billing, collection and complaints, if any. A good agency will find you work and earn its commission. This is how broadly an established agency would work.

Smaller Market Scenario: The smaller markets may not have modeling agencies operating. Even the high budget clients would also be very rare. In this market, you must have your own marketing tools and system. Under these circumstances the model has to find a job for himself at his own.

These were a few tips for modeling aspirants, how to get a good agency and background inputs which will come handy during course of modeling. The Mega Model Hunt will further assist and guide you to groom, provide background knowledge, train and lead to the path of success in modeling world.


mega model hunt

Like any business or profession, there is always a start up phase with lots of challenges mixed with a variety of experience which is gained during this phase. It is very important for any young aspirant to comprehend the peculiarities of this phase. There are many ways to start a successful modeling career, unlike many other professions having a set course to follow to include Learning, Experience, Test/Interviews and beginning of profession. But it is not same in modeling. The modeling has its inherent challenges which one has to phase.

mega model hunt

There are basically three ways to start modeling. These are; being discovered; working through model management companies in India or organizing own marketing plan and finding work for you. Before you opt for any of the methods enumerated above, one has to groom and equip oneself for the same. If one has to get scouted then one has to conduct oneself at that level so that you are discovered by model talent scouts. It works out very well but one should not solely depend upon it.

Mega Model Hunt

With the second and third option one needs to have right material to get on to work. The basics are snapshots, a composite card, Portfolio, may be a website and most important is how one looks. One can start with simple snapshot as long as these are meeting requirements and shot correctly for the intended purpose. The composite card is a single sheet of paper that has a head shot printed on one side and more photos and your vital statistics on the other side. It is a basic marketing tool; you give it to art directors, Photographers, Casting agents and other similar bodies. This gives them some information which can be referred to when they are looking for a suitable talent for the requirement at hand. It is actually your sales brochure as well as business card. If anyone shows interest in you, then he is going to ask to you to show some more photographs, that is where your portfolio comes handy. Your portfolio should contain an assortment of your photos and tear sheets showing what you have done and your “look”.

These all should be of an excellent quality. When you are just starting up it is likely that you won’t have any tear sheet (pages from magazines/newspaper with your photographs) as you have not worked as yet, but as you get work, start adding tear sheets to your portfolio, the portfolio should demonstrate enough to indicate what you are about. You should have multiple copies of your portfolio. It should be balanced, easy to look through, rugged and fashionable.

Since internet has become very important and it is very essential for a model to have a website presence; Most of the scouting people, art directors and modeling agencies do search prospects on internet. Therefore a reasonably fast operating website will serves the purpose and will assist in getting discovered along with your portfolio and chances of enhanced work proposal becomes more. Here Mega Model Hunt invites you to join in to go through the startup stages successfully in a very organized and ethical way.


mega model huntModeling is a serious Profession, basically founded on passion. Each Profession establishes a life style which has profound impact on individuals as well as on society. Every Life style has a span which is bench marked by a few distinct stages and each stage having its own ethics and ethos. A modeling aspirant must know the life style and stages through which one has to live through so that one is prepared at the outset and ready to accept challenges.

Like any Life style/Profession, there are stages of growth in modeling as well. These could be pre-modeling, the modeling and post modeling. Each stage has its own span, Peculiarities, Challenges, Commitments (to self, family and Society) and opportunities.

mega model hunt

mega model hunt

The Pre-modeling stage (Prospective model) is very difficult one. It is not very easy one to start the journey, become model and conclude. The path to success is interspersed many obstacles/bottlenecks like hard efforts, rejections, disappointments, family/social support and the hazards of life amplified many times by the presence of modeling crucible. This could also be called “go to” stage where one has to go to see photographs, Castings, Bookers, Agencies and art directors etc. This is how an aspirant become model, a model becomes professional and eventually a super model. The competition is very tough and one has to take it on squarely.

The next stage of modeling commences when the first job comes. A working model can expect a myriad of dilemmas, Challenges and pitfalls as one move into higher paying jobs which leads to move success. In modeling business, Success breeds success. When a good agency signs you, your life can change radically sometimes for better and at times for worse also. One has to be ready for change. The modeling industry is rife with the stories of models that lose it. The pressure to maintain a body look can be too much for some people. Some models turn to illegal drugs, especially cocaine and methamphetamine to relieve the pressure and maintain or lose weight. But all this is detrimental to health. The working life for model is very busy. Pre-shot preparation causes lots of stress and consume tremendous amount of time.

The beginning of post modeling life will vary with each individual. There are models that start at very young teen age and continued into their advanced years (into their sixties). There are a few starts, hit it big for a couple of years and then retire to a quiet life of family. Many end up marrying to celebrities, sports stars or wealthy men that they have met while enjoying the glamorous life style of successful modeling.

There are models that enjoyed successful careers and moved onto teaching modeling or even representing models and there are a few those move into acting and become stars and household names.

Like any other profession modeling also goes through various stages of its working span. Aspirants must be aware of these facts so that they are able to plan this life and move ahead accordingly. We at, Mega Model Hunt will train and empower the young aspirants to be a successful model and plan their future well. Therefore avail this opportunity to be associated with Mega Model Hunt to reap fruits of this national level platform which its committed to guide you into the profession of modeling with ethics and ethos.


mega model huntModeling is a profession with passion. Whenever passion gets involved, it becomes a very intimate to the individual. The aspirant models have to proceed very cautiously so that they are able to reach their destination with a success. Here are a few guidelines for aspirant models which will act as light house during their journey to modeling world.

The best thing is that one should get registered on various model management companies in India with adequate number of photographs while posting your photograph into the following:

  • Provide one head shot and one head to toe shot
  • Men, one shot that focus on chest & Abs
  • Female, one shot that focus on curves and bottom
  • Take help from your friend to click such photos for you, so that you do not end up wasting money on this.
  • The photograph should reflect the personality therefore a correct expression is very important.

 Analyze Casting calls very carefully. Established photographers and establish agencies should be given the preference since they are into this business and know what exactly is required. Do not respond to blank calls. These are usually from scammers or the people having too much time to waste. One should respond to calls from agencies quickly and get scouted as quickly as possible, as there are many top male, female models in India and you may lose due to slow response to queries. Therefore be quick in giving your response.mega model hunt

The modeling is not only about fashion; besides this it reflects volume of personality of the individual. The correct thought process is very essential to be imbibed. The Personality is a unique for each individual; a good personality gives an edge over the others especially in glamour world. Thus an aspirant model must develop his/her personality according to the line of modeling one wish to adopt. The confidence is another important factor. Do not get escorted for a shoot unless you are under 18 years of age. One should select the photographer with whom you are comfortable. Anything which makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t do it. That also reflects confidence and courage. It will ward off un-necessary suggestions from the photographer.

Punctuality is another very important factor in any profession including modeling. Never be late to an appointment with any one (agency, photographer or any other scout), In case one is getting late due to any reason do inform the concerned person. Be always positive and friendly, it is an important factor of attitude and it reflects a lot on personality.

Keep your options open for various fields in the modelling like, fashion, commercial, glamour etc. Take advice from your friends, Elders and Mentors. One must consult experts in the field so that one is able to get a good guidance and in turn able to make a correct decision about suitable modeling field that makes your choice with passion and you will be able to put in your best efforts and success will be for sure. Do take the criticism and suggestions positively. Take the point, consider and evolve a suitable response to improve upon. To develop you into a successful model is a full time plus job with lots of dedication. There will be lots of challenges from all walks of life, but one must remain focused to his goal/mission. Get noticed by the right people, therefore stay connected to right people. Mega Model Hunt will provide you platform where you stay connected correctly and be able to meet your aspirantions of becoming a professional model, so avail the opportunity to be the part of Mega Model Hunt and get noticed.


mega model huntIt is very important for an aspirant model to know the land marks on the path to career as model. The first and foremost important matter is to know you goal i.e. you should know what type of modeling you want to undertake and the level at which you want to play in your life. If it is known, then it is much easier to get going in that direction.

        Professional modeling is a business and as a model one is one’s own business. It takes tremendous amount of time, effort, commitment and patience to become a successful model. Success does not come overnight. When one is ready to set on the modeling journey, one should make sure that enough has been read about modeling and you know what to expect take advantage of various resources available, online for new models, talk to friends in the industry, research as much as possible so that you are aware of the type of the career you about to take on. Meanwhile look for the list of model management companies in India. You have to choose a right modeling agency which matches the best, the kind of modeling you want to do. If these are located in near vicinity then it is advisable that one pays visit to the modeling agency in person. It is always better to get direct information. Let the agency educate you on what they look for, and what they expect from their models. Be alert to any potential scam or modeling schemes. Mega Model Hunt is one of the best modeling Hunt in India and endeavors to bring ethics to modelling.mega model hunt

     Present yourself as a perfect candidate; show confidence, have a good attitude and a friendly demeanor. Put across you original style, keep it clean and simple and always make a good first impression. As an aspiring model, one of your main tasks is to arrange a photo shoot with a reliable model photographer. While visiting an agency, fix a prior appointment, and carry at least two pictures, a head shot (natural and clear) and a full length shot revealing your figure to some extent should be sufficient. Clingy clothes, or a tight fit garments should be worn. Prepare a number of questions to be asked from the agency, especially what work their models are doing currently. They should not ask for money up front for classes or training. Be careful if the agency uses pressure tactics   to get the contract signed; always take time before you sign any contractual documents. Mega Model Hunt offers an ethical grooming and launching platform for the young models. It is not an easy to be among top male models in India and top female models in India.

            The following are a few important points to be kept in mind if you want to become top model:-

  • Be always on time, if due to any reason you are getting late, inform the concerned person accordingly.
  • Always go prepared in all respects.
  • Take your own make up.
  • Get references as many as you can i.e. other models / photographer who had done assignments with them.
  • Make sure you exactly know what the shoot consists of, and never feel pressurized to anything that you do not feel comfortable.
  • Keep it in mind that modelling is business, not a personal venture; you need to be prepared to negotiate with prospective employers regarding every aspect of it i.e. from finance to content up to finish.
  • Even if you did not sign the contract, keep the bridges intact, one never knows when you need someone in future.

The Mega Model Hunt will steer your course on your journey to Modelling profession, by educating, guiding and grooming. Mega Model Hunt offers a great opportunity to hold your hand and lead you to the correct destination in the modeling world.

Adopting modelling as a career

model hunt indiaCareer in modelling can be very rewarding, though short lived but this field can boost your confidence and make you explore things like never before; be it adventure or international exposure. Fashion shows in India are becoming stringent when it comes to selection procedure as the rules and regulations are kept as per the international standards or even tougher.

Model pageants of India have come up of age, as the decades changed and the demands of the modelling world too changed; definition of modelling has been changing and evolving every moment with competition become tough. Like any other career, modelling is a climb that starts at the bottom of the ladder. Pace by pace one moves to your goal. In any achievement there is always the first place. Regardless of the length of your strides, you will find the destination if you observe the way carefully.

There have been a lot of fashion pageant series in India since the craze of crowns begun. In the race for Miss World and Miss Universe, there have sprung up a lot of modelling hunt shows in the country but which one to name the best modelling hunt in India still remains disputable, as each one caters to a particular niche it came for.mega model hunt

As a career, modelling pays really well as many famous models in the word pocket millions of dollars daily. It is a wonderful career and it pays highly for the right person. There are some things you must keep in your mind before adopting modelling as a career. Most importantly, don’t start procrastinating and dreaming of how you would feel when you become a celebrity. These fantasies will make your way look hard. Basically there are some things you must have before taking up the challenge about how do you become a model. Many of the models get it as a talent; your body figure can win you the game and also height. A combination of the three should put you in a good starting point.

Another factor to look at on how to become a female model is boldness and the ability to pursue your goals confidently. People will only respect you if you have faith and confidence as a model. Success will depend on your confidence. Go out and teach the world what you know. Specialization is also very important. Be selective and focus only one thing that you can do best. If you are not sure of what types of modelling you are good at, you can approach a professional who can help in solving the riddle. For instance, fashion modelling is different from commercial modelling. Learn to know the difference and then pull up your socks.

Thorough professionalism is a must in this career and be careful not to be swayed away by the initial highs. Learn to be patient, courageous and be self-confident.