Mega Model Hunt is a unisex premier model hunting show which is to be hosted annually in different cities all over India. The event offers a national level platform for models and young talented individuals from every corner of India to get associated with the Flamboyant fashion industry. This time Olivine not only selecting the good models but also coming with the Experts to groom them from top to toe. Youngsters today aspire to have a career in modeling/glamour/showbiz. But before taking a step into this glittering world of fashion and style, they must know that modeling is not merely walking on the ramp or posing before a camera. Modeling is having a perfect lifestyle. The way you lead your life, instills confidence and with this confidence you can stand out in the whole world .Mega Model Hunt has taken the initiative to guide the youth in this journey of fashion and Modeling in Ethical manner. This is the right opportunity for budding models, boys and girls to get ready for a ecstatic journey into the fashion industry. This will not only act as a stepping stone but also as a guiding light to stardom. Model is the representation of a perfect human being. But, how many of us believe in this statement? According to many people models are very good looking people who wear fashionable clothes and reveal their body. According to some, models are simply the sex icons. Model’s life is very easy and entertaining . Here the question arises how much truth do these statements hold ? Or it’s just the individuals’ opinion. So here comes a chance to discover !


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