Mega Model HuntModeling is a fascinating career, a part time job, a full time professional work or a life time venture which is very challenging/ demanding. The basic difference is in how you approach becoming a successful model. There are certain requirements which every model has to meet. These are enunciated in the succeeding paragraph.


For high end fashion modeling there is size and look requirements. Different fashion designers and modeling agencies or model management companies in India have varying standards which keep on changing with the passage of time and requirement of a particular field. Generally mainstream female high fashion models are tall, thin, young and beautiful. On an average the height varied from 5’8’’ to 5’11’’ or so. The weights varied from 108 lbs to 130 lbs with some exception, one should not give bulky appearance and the waist line maximum up to 25’’ and hips of 35.5’’. For men, it must give a proportionate, small, well build look. The muscles should not be overbearing feature. While there is no age criterion for modeling, however most of the fashion models begin between ages of 13 to 19, but it is not true for other fields. The model look has very important role to play.

The industry generally looks out for female models that are small to medium boned, fit, long graceful necks, square Jaws and high strong cheekbones. Eyes should be wide, almond shaped with appropriate eyelashes which suits the face. The long legged look is preferred. Good posturing techniques with grace further ads qualification. The hair should be healthy and in a good condition.Mega Model Hunt


Though there are no written exams for aspiring fashion models, but work itself is a test in itself. The intellectual standard and knowledge has an important impact. Aspirants with good IQ and appropriate knowledge of the field concerned will definitely have an edge over the others. Understanding the goals of the people who hire models is very essential to the success of any prospective model. Models must be mentally strong enough to endure tough conditions, repulsive environment and rejections. A robust mind set with positive thought process will go a long way in being a successful.


A model can look good only if they are in good health. Therefore they have to take care of these physical and mental health all thought out. This means always getting a good sleep at night before a shoot. There should be a big no. to drugs. No successful model would jeopardize a career   just to get high. No one can ever loose health who has taken to drugs.


There are a few more intangible factors which are of importance in the field of modeling like, Are you photogenic? The success of the model depends a lot on how you look on a photograph. This you can assess for yourself from the snapshots you had already taken. Another factors is to know whether you are a chameleon; the models those who have the quality of changing their looks to the circumstances will generally changing their looks to the circumstances will generally have longer careers as compared to others. Are you patient? One has to undergo lots of uncomfortable and strenuous environment during the shoots. It takes tremendous amount of skills & efforts to get a great shot after a number of retakes. Therefore one has to have enough patience to survive and be successful under these circumstances. If you are a good model, you will be getting a lot of work, thus you have to get ready and may have to wait for long hours, and therefore patience is an important virtue in modeling.

MEGA MODEL HUNT will provide you a national level platform where it will help you to polish your attributes and virtues so that you set on the course of being a successful model.


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