Mega Model HuntThe modeling profession has become a very challenging and lucrative in the present scenario. It has a very special characteristics i.e. the career has a very short span as compared with other professions and there is no formal education/test for qualifying the same. Very little guidance is available in a formal and organized manner till entry level. One has to strive to prepare oneself amongst the scarcity of organized facilities. Therefore one has to take care and prepare oneself for the modeling profession. Here are a few tips for becoming a successful model.

PASSION: The modeling activity falls under the category of fine arts since it is a performance to depict any act or represent/ market any product /service. One has to have a passion for modeling so that it can be pursued with dedication to achieve success.

SELECTION OF APPROPRIATE FIELD: In modeling there are many fields like fashion, glamour, commercials, branding etc. Depending upon your passion/ interest, you must pick up a suitable field after critically analyzing the career path in that field. Each field has its own peculiarities; you must understand it in detail in order to know what lies ahead and be prepared to face that.Mega Model Hunt

FAMILY SUPPORT: It is very essential that one must have support from his family as time and finances are involved, it affects the whole family in one or the other way. Therefore one must have a family support.

READY TO FACE REJECTIONS: At the entry level, one may have to face lot of rejections and should not get disappointed. Every rejection will teach us about our deficiency, so one should work on it. If one is prepared to accept rejections gracefully then it will become easy to move on.

PREPARE YOUR PORTFOLIO/COMPOSITE CARD: One must prepare his portfolio carefully. It must bring out your field and plus points to the viewer which will help in short listing leading to selection. It is again very essential that one must prepare his portfolio carefully with the help of a competent photographer.

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PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT: It is very essential aspect for any profession and similarly for modeling too. Depending upon the selected field you must analyze that whether your temperament & personality traits matching with the intended field. If yes, nothing like that, If not, then these can be developed through systematic training. So, the personality plays a very vital role in the field of modeling irrespective of any segment.Mega Model Hunt

PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES: The physical attributes are very important in modeling. One must analyze his body structure, height, facial expressions, etc. You must analyze that whether you have appropriate physical attributes or not. If yes, then it becomes very easy to move ahead.

GET SCOUTED/ FIND A SUITABLY AGENCY: It is important how you want to be scouted or go through a good modeling agency or model management companies in India. Try and visit a number of agencies within your reach. Prior to contacting any agency, you must know its background, credibility and position in present scenario. Do not sign any contractual document under pressure. Study such document carefully, understand its implications and if you are satisfied then go ahead. Do not hesitate to raise questions to clarify your mind.

These are a few guide lines for modeling aspirants if one wants to set on the journey into the modeling world. Mega Model Hunt, a National Level Platform invites you to get associated and learn the nuisances of modeling, so that you can pursue your career in modeling successfully.


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