mega model hunt

Like any business or profession, there is always a start up phase with lots of challenges mixed with a variety of experience which is gained during this phase. It is very important for any young aspirant to comprehend the peculiarities of this phase. There are many ways to start a successful modeling career, unlike many other professions having a set course to follow to include Learning, Experience, Test/Interviews and beginning of profession. But it is not same in modeling. The modeling has its inherent challenges which one has to phase.

mega model hunt

There are basically three ways to start modeling. These are; being discovered; working through model management companies in India or organizing own marketing plan and finding work for you. Before you opt for any of the methods enumerated above, one has to groom and equip oneself for the same. If one has to get scouted then one has to conduct oneself at that level so that you are discovered by model talent scouts. It works out very well but one should not solely depend upon it.

Mega Model Hunt

With the second and third option one needs to have right material to get on to work. The basics are snapshots, a composite card, Portfolio, may be a website and most important is how one looks. One can start with simple snapshot as long as these are meeting requirements and shot correctly for the intended purpose. The composite card is a single sheet of paper that has a head shot printed on one side and more photos and your vital statistics on the other side. It is a basic marketing tool; you give it to art directors, Photographers, Casting agents and other similar bodies. This gives them some information which can be referred to when they are looking for a suitable talent for the requirement at hand. It is actually your sales brochure as well as business card. If anyone shows interest in you, then he is going to ask to you to show some more photographs, that is where your portfolio comes handy. Your portfolio should contain an assortment of your photos and tear sheets showing what you have done and your “look”.

These all should be of an excellent quality. When you are just starting up it is likely that you won’t have any tear sheet (pages from magazines/newspaper with your photographs) as you have not worked as yet, but as you get work, start adding tear sheets to your portfolio, the portfolio should demonstrate enough to indicate what you are about. You should have multiple copies of your portfolio. It should be balanced, easy to look through, rugged and fashionable.

Since internet has become very important and it is very essential for a model to have a website presence; Most of the scouting people, art directors and modeling agencies do search prospects on internet. Therefore a reasonably fast operating website will serves the purpose and will assist in getting discovered along with your portfolio and chances of enhanced work proposal becomes more. Here Mega Model Hunt invites you to join in to go through the startup stages successfully in a very organized and ethical way.


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